How to Survive as a terminally-ill Dragon Color
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How to Survive as a terminally-ill Dragon

Survival Guide for a terminally-ill Dragon

Synopsis How to Survive as a terminally-ill Dragon

At the end of my terminally-ill life, I found myself reincarnated as a dragon in a webtoon. Once again, a life with a terminal illness, but this time, as a dragon?!

Lois, born with the heritage of the strongest creature in the world with wealth and thousands of years of lifespan as a dragon.

However, facing unpredictable crises at every turn, not knowing when I’ll die—what kind of Bullshit is this?!

It’s too unjust to just quietly die like this. Utilizing the future knowledge I have, I’ll survive like a villain and give this story a twist!


  1. Potato head says:

    Lmao terminally I’ll dragon another one

  2. Mr. Popo says:

    Is the mc really a villain, or another “villain to kill” but never kills anyone. In this case, never does anything evil?

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